The Founder of Najmi Healing Energy

Written by Absar Khan Al-Khizri

Brief  Introduction of Dr. Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi (a healer, in-born Sufi and author)

Dr. Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi a Pakistani Sufi was born on 21st May, 1964 (09th Muharram 1384 A.H) in Karachi, Pakistan. He is the creator of Najmi Healing Energy System and the founder of Silsila-e-Khizria.

Education and Career

Dr. Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi earned his Diploma of DHMS from Jinnah Homeopathic Medical College Karachi in 1997 and degree of M.D. (alternative medicine) from international University, Sri Lanka in 1998.

In the year 2001, Dr. Najmi established a welfare clinic, named, “Al-Sehat Foundation” in North Karachi, where people were charged with very low fees, especially orphan children and widows were even given free medicine. In 2007, Dr. Najmi joined North Care Hospital as RMO where he worked till 2010.

Beginning of Najmi Healing Energy

In 2001, when Dr. Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi established a clinic in North Karachi, during that time one of his friend, named, Mr. Shahid Sheikh who is a Reiki master started healing people with Reiki in his clinic. Dr. Najmi did not know much about Reiki at that time.

Dr. Najmi observed Reiki treatment which increased his interest and then Dr. Najmi used his spiritual abilities in treatment of a patient who got cured extraordinary which made Dr. Najmi very much surprised and then Dr. Najmi started healing other patients also using his spiritual abilities and results were amazing.

Those days, a friend of Dr. Najmi, named, Mr. Iqbal used to come to clinic to meet him daily. When Mr. Iqbal found about this new energy healing, and he showed strong desire to learn this spiritual way of healing. Dr. Najmi made Mr. Iqbal meditate and also meditated himself in front of him and transferred such healing spiritual abilities in Mr. Iqbal. Mr. Iqbal used this spiritual method on people and found amazing results which he told to the Mr. Shahid Sheikh (Reiki Master), he got surprised and said, “This is not possible with Reiki; this is some other healing power”. Since then this method was started to heal people by Dr. Najmi and his friends attuned by him. In July 2013, on the request of his friends, Dr. Najmi wrote book, named, “Najmi Healing Energy.”

Spiritual Education

Dr. Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi attracted towards spirituality since his childhood. Dr. Najmi learned spirituality in early age with his tutor, named, Syed Azam Ali at home. Syed Azam Ali was his neighbor and a Sufi saint. The companionship of Syed Azam Ali made his thirst towards spirituality even more intense.

Syed Azam Ali taught Dr. Najmi for three years and then he moved with his family to somewhere and Dr. Najmi could not find him after that.

1981, Dr. Najmi, found a monthly spiritual magazine, named, “Roohani Digest” published by Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, the head of Azeemi Sufi Order and soon became its regular reader and contacted Khawaja Shams Uddin Azeemi through letter-writing for gaining more knowledge in spirituality and started meditations under the guidance of Khawaja Shams Uddin Azeemi. Such meditations increased his spiritual abilities. On October 14, 1988, Khawaja Shams Uddin Azeemi accepted him in Azeemi Sufi Order.

Dr. Najmi was blessed with unending chain of such spiritual experiences and such mysteries which cannot be accepted by common man easily.

Establishment of Khizria Sufi Order

Dr. Syed Shahzad Ali Najmi founded a spiritual order (tariqah), named, Silsila-e-Khizria (also known as Khizria Sufi Order) in order to meet the demands of present times a system, which could fulfill the spiritual needs of man of the modern era in a scientific way.

Dr. Najmi has been blessed with spiritual abilities to cure chronic diseases in shortest span of time. Such miraculous abilities made him curious to research over it and he developed Najmi Healing Energy System through which other human beings would also become able to heal themselves and others and Founded Khizria Sufi Order for the purpose of fulfillment of man’s spiritual needs of this era.